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This is a very helpful, relevant post, especially for primary care questions I field! Thank you. Is there a tiny debatable kernel of truth perhaps indirectly in some of these myths? For example, I know that obesity is linked with cancer, and obesity is often driven/sustained by ultraprocessed foods/sugar. I don’t worry about the genetic modification of foods, but I am concerned about the Roundup, glyphosate, etc. that gets dumped on the plants themselves to higher degrees when using genetically modified plants. And finally wasn’t there at least one study showing a possible mechanism/ association between gliomas and cell phone radiation, potentially mediated through prolonged cell phone use next to the head causing thermal effects on proteins/surrounding structures, but not mediated through ionizing radiation?

I don’t want to be alarmist even mentioning these, just want to see if there is a tiny shred of truth to any of these, certainly much less concerning than some fear!

A slight precaution here has me using the speakerphone on my iPhone, trying to get organic vegetables for the dirty dozen foods/vegetables/fruits, and trying to get some of the Halloween candy out of my house! Thanks again.

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I've been reading your words with interest, as I have prostate cancer that's spread to my bones and am having chemotherapy.

As it happens I am a cartoonist, so have started a strip cartoon series on Substack about living with the disease. It's called Chemo Freak and it's fairly brutal at times, but it's how I feel.

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Thanks for your well researched information. I love it when myths are debunked. That's especially true for the one about sugar.

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As a dad with a daughter with post op mets melanoma (now on immunotherapy) it’s good to put myths where they belong. It’s a hard road for her but she’s living her best life. As a survivor of 58 surgeries from spina bifida I have always preached that the secret to a happy life is to develop a terminal illness and then take care of it!

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